Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things You Should Know About Me if You're Gonna Read My Blog

Welcome to Glitter, Glue, and Flip Flops!

I am thrilled a little scared that you found me.  Here are a few random things that I think you should know before you start following this little thing called a BLOG (Gasp!!).

1. I don't like to write and I am great horrible with grammar.  Readers beware!!  Do I have a volunteer to be my comma police?

2. I have a few dear friends (you will meet them later) who have FABULOUS blogs.  They are who inspired me to welcome you into my little slice of the world.

Now a few personal items....

3. Pink is my FAVORITE color.  Are you familiar with the book Pinkalicious?  If so, that's me (25 years ago).

4. Although I don't REALLY have any children of my own, I have 16 little ones that I help to care for each day.  14 of those little ones are my sweet Kinders and the other 2...well you will find out more about them in random item number 5.

5. I have recently inherited what my mother calls an "insta-family".  What she means is that I play a large role in the lives of my boyfriend's two children.  Kiddo number 1 is 10 years old, hates the color pink (tear), a straight A student, and a bookworm (love).  Kiddo number 2 is 9 years old, hates to read (tear), has a HUGE personality, and shares my dislike of math.

6. Now about that boyfriend... After a few sticky situations (hence the term GLUE in my bloggy name), I have found a handsome and loving new "friend".  I am pretty smitten with him!

7. I also must mention my two "fur-children".  Beach is a 1 year old Vizla.  He is the color of sand, shares my love of flip flops (although he likes to eat them), has more energy than anything or anyone I have ever seen, and is the most snuggly pup ever!  Sadie is an 8 year old Yorkie-Peeka-Poo  expensive mutt!  She is my first baby and is the best dog in the world.  She is laid back, unless her brother comes along.  You will get to know them soon enough I am sure!

8. I would live at the beach if I had the choice.  With the way teaching is going...and the increasing decrease in my paycheck...becoming a beach bum is looking better and better.

9.  Hmm.... what else would you like to know?

10.  I am already running out of things to say.  Am I really taking this journey into "Blogger World"?

Well...I am a little excited!  I just published my very first "Big Girl" blog post.'s bedtime!


  1. Welcome to the Bloggy World! I love the name, and I can't wait to read more!