Monday, January 21, 2013

Over the weekend I...

Since today is Monday I thought I would give you a weekend update.  Every Monday I have my students give me their weekend update, and since I was lucky enough to have today off (thank you Martin Luther King, Jr) I thought I would keep the tradition and share my weekend with you.

This weekend was eventful to say the least.  It began with a surprise snow day on Friday.  Hooray!  I think I am worse than the kids when it comes to a snow day.  There is something exciting about the anticipation of seeing Henrico County under the school closing list, or getting that phone call from Andy Jenkes saying I get to sleep in the next day.  This one was especially fun because I was supposed to have a substitute on Friday.  Why you ask? Well let me fill you in... 

 I had made plans to travel to Blacksburg to help with Virginia Tech's ZTA recruitment.  I was planning to leave Friday after work, but once I saw the weather forecast I decided that it might be smarter to leave earlier in the day.  I took Friday off (even though I ended up not needing to) and started packing.   While I started packing, the snow started falling.  Thankfully I was riding with another advisor friend who has a 4 wheel drive Suburban.  We closely monitored the weather and decided we would leave around noon.  The drive to Blacksburg was beautiful!  There are few things I find more pretty than snow white trees and land.  We took it slow and made it to the ZTA house in one piece.  We quickly ran inside the house and got to work.  There is such a positive energy throughout a college sorority house.  I love going back and reliving a little bit of my college experience every now and then. Although, as an advisor my nights in a college town are a lot more boring than they used to be.   After the recruitment parties were over and all of the ladies had retreated to their rooms to rest up for day 2, the other advisors and I thought we would try and find some dinner before checking into our hotel.

Now, as you read earlier it had snowed (A LOT) and the roads were icy.  We carefully walked out to the car. I was wearing Uggs, Sandy in her new North Face snow boots, and Stephanie in super cute fur lined moccasins (this will come into play in a minute).  Stephanie needed to get her luggage into our car and began tip toeing over the snow and ice so she didn't fall.  This is where Sandy thought she would save the day!  Since she had on her brand new snow boots she jumped out to help Stephanie.  The next thing I know I hear "Oh, Sandy!" and look out the window of the car.  Take a guess at what I see...  Yep, I see poor Sandy's two little snow boots sticking up in the air.  Sandy had slipped on black ice and fell flat on her back.

Now...a little thing you should know about me... I laugh uncontrollably in situations like this.  I don't know if it is because I am scared, uncomfortable, or just plain mean, but I laugh.

And, unfortunately for Sandy I laughed at her.  This caused her to start laughing and then I knew she was ok.  We got her up, checked her head, and helped her get her glasses and put them back on.  This is a situation that you would have had to be there for.  We laughed over this for a good 10 minutes.  I tried to make her a millionaire by having her lay back down and call 911.  We decided against it.  It did however make us a little concerned that the university had not spread salt or sand on the roads.

This little situation gave us great comic relief throughout the rest of the weekend.  I am actually laughing right now as I share this very short version with you.   Here are a few pictures from my weekend!

A snowy Zeta House 
Preparing for the Philanthropy round.  I was LOVING the pink!

The chapter room is ready to be filled with PNM's (prospective new members).
Fast forward to Sunday night....

Sandy and I had planned to head home around 9:00 pm....we actually left around 12:30 am (recruitment seems to take a lot of time).  Because it was so late when we left,  I did not take my Dramamine.

Something else you should know about me...I get car sick VERY easily.

I thought I would be fine, but about 30 minutes into our trip the story changed.  We stopped at a gas station (after driving through mountain towns for WAY too long trying to find something that was open) and I knew I did not feel well.  This is where Sandy got her pay back.  I went into the bathroom (Yes, at a gas station) and did my thing.  When I came out Sandy had a Coke waiting for me (bless her).  We paid for our chips and candy (I thought I could eat something) and before leaving I asked the cashier for a bag (just incase).  She looked at me funny and I politely told her "These mountain roads do not agree with my stomach and I get car sick very easily".  This made Sandy burst out laughing and the cashier looked at me stranger this time.  Needless to say this put Sandy and I back into one of our hysterical laughing fits. See... that's what I get for laughing at her when she fell.  After a few more stops we finally made it home at 4:00 am.  LONG DRIVE!!!

So, what did you do on your long weekend?  Hopefully you didn't fall or get sick!

Happy Monday friends!

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