Sunday, February 3, 2013

Birthday Post

On Thursday we celebrated Grandaddy's 76th birthday.  I thought this deserved a little post on this here little blog.  If you know know I love and adore this man.  I have never met another man like him.

Grandaddy left his family and came by boat to America in 1957.  He couldn't speak English and only had a handful of family members in the states.  I still love to hear stories of Grandaddy's life growing up in Italy during the war, his wild rides on his motorcycle, and the requests made for him to join the "Mafioso" (he declined them all).

Grandaddy is a treasure like no other.  He is the hardest worker I have ever met.  Grandaddy knows how to do anything.  

I just love this note that I found on the back of a picture.  He met my Grandmother on a blind date 53 years ago.  They were meant for one another.  

Happy Birthday, Grandaddy.  We all love you more than words can explain!

Don't worry, Grandma! I will do a post about you too!

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